Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ex Phone

I went to the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) last year (which was very interesting and productive). While I was there Qualcomm were in attendance giving out penguin mints and running a competition. The lucky winners of this draw were to receive an ADP1 Android phone. So I dutifully filled in the entry form, handed it in and thought no more about it.

In the break after attending a particularly interesting workshop on the last day of the conference several other people congratulated me on winning the Qualcomm draw, this was the first I knew about it! I went in search of the nice people from Qualcomm and sure enough they handed over an ADP1 after getting a couple of photos.

Once I returned home I switched to using ADP1 as my phone and started experimenting with Android kernel stuff. Then one day the Wi-Fi stopped working which while odd could be overcome by repeatedly unloading and reloading the driver until it worked once more. Then one day the USB stopped working, no more ADB, no more console, no more debugging, no more hacking.

Then one day it turned itself off and never came back. I have been forced to return to using a hand me down, very kindly given to me by Daniel Silverstone. Alas it is not a smart phone of any kind and my finances do not allow for me to spend the money to replace it.

I have repeatedly tried to contact Qualcomm open source to see if there is any kind of warranty I might be able to use to get the phone repaired alas all the contact addresses I have are now simply returning SMTP errors.

So this is pretty much a tale without a happy ending, unless anyone out there knows the right people to contact? Perhaps someone at Google maybe? I only revisit the subject at all because of the recent announcement of an Android 2.1 based edition for these devices which reminded me I like to play with these things.


  1. Why would you contact Qualcomm? The phones are made by HTC.

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